Michigan State University Spartans to Upgrade Basketball Facilities

Michigan State University Image: msu.edu
Michigan State University
Image: msu.edu


Aric Keck serves as regional manager for Vectra Networks in Georgia. An avid sports fan and Michigan State University graduate, Aric Keck continues to follow Spartan football and basketball.

In late October, Dan and Jennifer Gilbert, two Michigan State University alumni, announced a $15 million donation that will partially fund a renovation of the existing Breslin Center as well as a brand-new addition to the building.

With this gift, the pair hopes to support what has become a leading basketball program at their alma mater. The funds will help tend to critical repairs, including improvements to parking, entryways, plumbing, and restroom facilities. School officials believe the changes will greatly improve the spectator experience for fans and help support a healthy basketball program.

In addition to the stadium renovation, some of the Gilberts’ donation will fund special academic programs at the university. Part of their gift will support the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, and part will help fund scholarships for local students.


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