What You Need to Know about Tennis Racquet Strings


Tennis Racquet Strings pic
Tennis Racquet Strings
Image: tennis.isport.com

An experienced businessman, Aric Keck is a Vectra Networks regional manager. Outside of work, Aric Keck stays active by playing tennis. A tennis player’s abilities can be significantly hindered by using the wrong racquet, so it is critical to understand how different configurations affect play. One of the most important decisions that a player must make is the type of strings to use.

The most basic string is the nylon solid core, which is durable and great at maintaining tension. However, this type of string has little give and makes the racquet feel stiff. Synthetic multifilament strings do a much better job of absorbing the impact of the ball, typically making them a more comfortable option that does not sacrifice durability.

For many players, natural gut is the gold standard. These strings, made of intestine, provide an excellent pocket for the ball and do an incredible job absorbing shock, but their durability is fairly limited.

More advanced players sometimes opt for polyester strings, which tend to absorb some of the power generated in a swing. As a result, players can swing harder and faster without worrying about hitting the ball out of bounds. Polyester strings are very durable, but they can lose tension rather quickly.


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