Aric Keck career moves

Former Intel Corporation Sales Director Aric Keck
Multifaceted sales professional Aric Keck has nearly 30 years of experience generating leads, driving sales, and managing top-performing sales teams in the technology sector. His work began with UNIX-based systems in the late 1980s and expanded into Internet-based solutions in the following decade. Diamond Multimedia Systems recruited Aric Keck in 1999, specifically seeking him out because of his positive reputation and strong relationships in the industry.

Since July 2016, Mr. Keck has served as a regional manager for Vectra Networks of Smyrna, Georgia. For the preceding six years, he worked for the Intel Corporation as the sales director of the Intel Services Division in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was the global top producer each year. In addition to posting top numbers each period, Mr. Keck almost singlehandedly landed a million-dollar project with a prominent airline.

Alongside his demanding professional life, Mr. Keck belongs to the Society of Wine Educators. A certified specialist himself, he enjoys expanding his knowledge of wine and fine spirits.


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