Aric Keck – effective sales leadership

Aric Keck – an Effective Sales Leader
An award-winning sales professional based in Atlanta, Aric Keck leverages his skills to drive revenues at Vectra Networks, where he serves as regional manager. Aric Keck began his sales career as OEM sales manager at Conner Peripherals in Atlanta, where he oversaw marketing on accounts that brought in tens of millions of dollars per year.

Over the next two decades, Mr. Keck accepted sales leadership positions at MCI Telecommunications, VeriSign, Inc., and the Intel Corporation. Along the way, Mr. Keck earned numerous honors for his sales performance. While at MCI, for example, he was named a “Top 15-Percent Sales Performer” in the southeast region.

Besides his commitment to sales, Mr. Keck cultivates his interest in wine, joining the Society of Wine Educators and becoming a certified wine specialist. For entertainment, he follows sports, particularly professional and college football.


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