Aric Keck – experienced sales leadership

Aric Keck, Experienced in Sales Leadership
A high-performing sales leader focused on hardware and software, Aric Keck recently became regional manager at Vectra Networks, an Atlanta based network security solutions firm. In preparation for his career, Mr. Keck studied at Michigan State University, where he completed his bachelor of science in electrical engineering. He followed up on his undergraduate degree by entering graduate school at Duke University, where he secured his master of business administration in marketing.

Following his time at Duke, Aric Keck became OEM sales manager with Conner Peripherals, where he helped boost hard-disk-drive sales. He left Conner to become senior marketing manager of internet solutions at MCI Telecommunications. While there, the company recognized him as a Top 15% Sales Performer for its southeast region.

In addition, Aric Keck worked with Trend Micro, Inc., as national accounts manager for its Very Large Enterprise division. In honor of his achievements, he was named the #1 Sales Performer for Trend’s national team. In recent years, Mr. Keck served as a top sales executive for Intel Corporation.


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