Aric Keck advances career

Aric Keck Brings His History of Exceeding Sales Goals to New Position
In July of 2016, veteran sales professional Aric Keck joined the Vectra Networks team as a regional manager. In this new role, Aric Keck oversees sales for the company’s lines of intuitive security solutions, which include cutting-edge Threat Labs that help clients stay ahead of rapidly evolving virtual threats.

Prior to transitioning to his new position at Vectra, Aric Keck worked with the Intel Corporation’s Services Division for nearly six years. Among his accomplishments in this time, he led the division in global sales for five consecutive years, achieving up to 183 percent of annual revenue goals and, in his final year, total sales of $4.2 million.

Mr. Keck previously enjoyed sales success with Exostar, Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Trend Micro, Internet Security Systems, VeriSign, and several other leaders in software solutions and security. His well-rounded technical knowledge makes him well suited to identify projects of particular promise, an important part of his ability to exceed sales goals quarter after quarter.


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