Three Must-Visit Vineyards in Georgia Wine Country


Boutier Winery pic
Boutier Winery

Since 2016, Aric Keck has served as regional manager for Vectra Networks in Georgia. A certified wine specialist, Aric Keck also donates to the Society of Wine Educators.

Home to a number of incredible wineries, Georgia has gained attention in recent years as the new Napa Valley. Some of the most celebrated wineries on the East Coast are located in the state.

A historic option for wine fans is Three Sisters Vineyards, which was the first winery to open in Lumpkin County after prohibition. Named the Best Winery in the South, Three Sisters also produces the Walasiyi and Chestatee brands. Guests can peruse Southern folk art or listen to local musicians while sipping the wine.

Boutier Winery has won both American and international awards for its French-American hybrids. Its most recognizable wines include the Chambourcin and the Peach Chardonnay.

Known for its red blend, Wolf Mountain Vineyards creates wines in the European style. Visitors will find a cottage tasting room and a restaurant that overlooks the vineyard hills. The vineyard tour highlights the winery’s old-world approach to wine making.


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