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Aric Keck – a successful Atlanta Sales Professional

Aric Keck – a Successful Atlanta Sales Executive
A sales leader with decades of experience in the technology industry, Aric Keck works for an Atlanta provider of network security solutions. Mr. Keck is especially adept at identifying prospective customers for early-stage projects, helping to ensure that new projects produce revenue from the start. Aric Keck’s track record of consistent sales success includes the Intel Corporation’s services division, where he served as sales director and exceeded his quota five years running, making him the division’s top performer.

In preparation for his career in the technology sector, Mr. Keck enrolled at Michigan State University, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering. While an undergraduate, he joined both the American Production and Inventory Control Society and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Later, he secured his MBA in marketing from Duke University.

For recreation, Mr. Keck enjoys international travel and plays tennis and golf. He also follows several football and basketball teams, including the Duke University Blue Devils and the Michigan State Spartans.

Aric Keck – Sales Biography

Aric Keck, Experienced in Sales
Aric Keck, an executive well-versed in both sales and business development, recently joined Vectra Networks, Inc., as regional manager. In the lead up to his present role, Aric Keck worked several years as sales director for the Intel Corporation in Atlanta.

At Intel, Mr. Keck succeeded in growing the customer base for the company’s enterprise software solutions. In 2014 and 2015, he achieved top global enterprise sales in Intel’s software division.

Before becoming an Intel sales director, Mr. Keck provided business development leadership at Exostar, LLC, a provider of cloud-based subscription services for business clients. Mr. Keck’s background in sales also includes a period as regional sales manager at Aladdin Knowledge Systems and as national accounts manager at Trend Micro, Inc.

Aric Keck secured his MBA in marketing from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, where he served on the executive committee of the Marketing Club. He previously earned a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Michigan State University in East Lansing.

Atlanta Area Sales and Business Development Professional – Aric Keck

Atlanta-Area Sales and Business Development Professional Aric Keck
A regional manager with Vectra Networks in the Atlanta suburb of Smyrna, Georgia, Aric Keck builds upon nearly three decades of professional experience in the high-tech industry. He holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Michigan State University in East Lansing and a master of business administration from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Aric Keck embarked on his first business venture while enrolled at Duke, becoming the owner and proprietor of the Hideaway Graduate Student Lounge.

Mr. Keck went on to serve as a senior marketing manager of Internet solutions with MCI Telecommunications in Atlanta, Georgia, and an original equipment manufacturer sales manager with Diamond Multimedia Systems in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ultimately settling in the greater Atlanta area, he directed business development with Exostar and oversaw sales in the services division of the Intel Corporation. Aric Keck’s current areas of expertise range from lead generation and account management to go-to-market strategies and independent software vendor relations.

Aric Keck – Software Sales experience

Aric Keck, Experienced Software Salesperson
A sales executive with decades of experience, Aric Keck helps lead Vectra Networks in his capacity as a regional manager. The firm delivers security solutions that allow organizations to identify cyber attacks. Aric Keck’s history in software sales includes five years with the Intel Corporation as well, where he oversaw sales initiatives for its cloud and application programming interface products. During his tenure at Intel, he achieved impressive sales numbers that beat expectations by as much as 83 percent.

Early in his career, Aric Keck honed his technology skills as a software support engineer with the NCR Corporation. Later, he moved on to Conner Peripherals, where he served as original equipment manufacturer sales manager. Mr. Keck would go on to secure senior sales and marketing positions with MCI Telecommunications, Diamond Multimedia Systems, and Jetstream Communications.

For recreation, Mr. Keck enjoys playing golf and tennis and listening to a wide variety of music. In terms of professional sports, he follows the athletic exploits of Detroit’s Tigers and Red Wings.

Aric Keck – experienced sales leadership

Aric Keck, Experienced in Sales Leadership
A high-performing sales leader focused on hardware and software, Aric Keck recently became regional manager at Vectra Networks, an Atlanta based network security solutions firm. In preparation for his career, Mr. Keck studied at Michigan State University, where he completed his bachelor of science in electrical engineering. He followed up on his undergraduate degree by entering graduate school at Duke University, where he secured his master of business administration in marketing.

Following his time at Duke, Aric Keck became OEM sales manager with Conner Peripherals, where he helped boost hard-disk-drive sales. He left Conner to become senior marketing manager of internet solutions at MCI Telecommunications. While there, the company recognized him as a Top 15% Sales Performer for its southeast region.

In addition, Aric Keck worked with Trend Micro, Inc., as national accounts manager for its Very Large Enterprise division. In honor of his achievements, he was named the #1 Sales Performer for Trend’s national team. In recent years, Mr. Keck served as a top sales executive for Intel Corporation.

Aric Keck – effective sales leadership

Aric Keck – an Effective Sales Leader
An award-winning sales professional based in Atlanta, Aric Keck leverages his skills to drive revenues at Vectra Networks, where he serves as regional manager. Aric Keck began his sales career as OEM sales manager at Conner Peripherals in Atlanta, where he oversaw marketing on accounts that brought in tens of millions of dollars per year.

Over the next two decades, Mr. Keck accepted sales leadership positions at MCI Telecommunications, VeriSign, Inc., and the Intel Corporation. Along the way, Mr. Keck earned numerous honors for his sales performance. While at MCI, for example, he was named a “Top 15-Percent Sales Performer” in the southeast region.

Besides his commitment to sales, Mr. Keck cultivates his interest in wine, joining the Society of Wine Educators and becoming a certified wine specialist. For entertainment, he follows sports, particularly professional and college football.

Vectra Networks hires Aric Keck

Aric Keck – Vectra Networks Regional Manager
Aric Keck began his fruitful career as a software support engineer with the NCR Corporation’s mid-range computing products division in South Carolina. In this capacity, he provided international support to clients using UNIX-based software. Aric Keck began his graduate studies during this time and earned an MBA from Duke University in 1994.

By 1995, Mr. Keck had risen to the rank of senior marketing manager for MCI telecommunications in Atlanta, Georgia. His influence allowed the Southeastern region to attain its goal of 100 percent annual growth in two consecutive years and earned him a place in the top 15 percent of sales professionals companywide.

From 2010 to 2016, Aric Keck served as the sales director of services for the Intel Corporation’s Atlanta office. He presided over the company’s collection of Cloud-based products and API management services. His talent for generating promising leads earned him the top rank in his division five years running and allowed him to win a high-profile PCI compliance project worth more than a million dollars.